About me


Hello !

My name is Alexis Degryse.

I’m an experienced UI developer ( intégrateur web in french ) and I currently work with INEAT Group (located in Lille, France) as Tech Lead. I’m in charge of technical support of all interface-related topics (semantic, accessibility, ergonomics, SEO, performance, responsive, animation, etc.).

I sometimes do some other stuff like job interviews, teaching and career management.

I’m really into HTML & CSS. Those languages, which are - as I like to say - easy to learn but hard to master, are my daily tools and constitute the main thread of my self-learning.

I do my best to keep my skills updated in order to always provide the most suitable solutions for any project and give best advices about the implications and feasibility of UI ideas.

You can find me on

Experienced with

Modern and semantic HTML

Thoughtful use of implicits roles, ARIA attributes and sectioning elements.

I like to use PugJS for pre-processing, when it’s possible.

Solid & advanced CSS (or Sass)

Methodology (BEM, ITCSS, OOCSS). Use of PostCSS and Stylelint.

Really hyped about some incoming mind-blowing stuff like Container queries, Cascade layers, Dynamic viewports units and :has().


Best practices in responsive design. Mobile-First approach.


SVG images & SVG sprite icons. Optimized with SVGO.


Mainly for DOM manipulation and accessibility purposes.


For automated workflow.

Working in various environments

Symfony, JS frameworks (Angular, Vue), CMS (Wordpress, Prestashop).

Progressive Enhancement

Being aware of cross-browser compatibility issues.

Working with various UX tools

Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Xd), Zeplin, Invision, Figma.

Working with Atlassian tools

Jira, Trello, Confluence, Bitbucket.


Access42 : Tester l’accessibilité de sites et d’applications

Score : 88.78%. Certification

December 2022

Opquast® certification : Mastering Web Quality Assurance

Score : 930 out of 1000. Certification .

September 2021

Access42 : Développer des sites web accessibles

Score : 85.92%. Certification

March 2021

Opquast® certification : Mastering Web Quality Assurance

Score : 880 out of 1000.

December 2017

Extra stuff

JV Lorem Ipsum

I've always been a huge fan of video games and everything that comes with it (music, art, press, industry, etc.).

But I rarely get the chance to build cool stuff around this theme, so I had fun doing this retro futuristic videogame-based Lorem Ipsum .


I wanted to experiment Web Components, I wanted to test EyeDropper API, I wanted to create my first bookmarklet, I wanted to design my own color picker.

Here is CoPiBoo. A Color Picker Bookmarklet .


Top 8 of the battle #12 (405 players),
Top 14 of the battle #13 (2696 players)
on cssbattle.dev .

CSSBattle is an online CSS Code Golfing battleground. Players from all around the world try to visually replicate "Targets" in smallest possible CSS code and battle it out to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Daily CSS Images

I love CSS drawing.

Check my collection (made in 2017) of CSS Images on codepen.io based on the Daily CSS Images Challenge.

Daily CSS Images is a 50-day email challenge where you are prompted with an image to create with CSS.


I created my own CSS/JS framework.

It's obviously not as configurable and gainful as the most popular frameworks, but since I made it myself : I was pretty efficient and helpful with.

His little name is baCSSet and is on github.com .

I started to develop it in 2016. I no longer maintain it since 2022.



Ineat Group

Tech Lead UI developer

DateJanuary 2017 - Today

LocationLille, France

These are some of the organisations I worked with : Adeo, Agenor, Crédit Agricole, Dassault, Exacode, Gènes Diffusion, Groupe ADP, Janssen, Jules, Leroy Merlin, Les Merveilleuses, Lesaffre, Mamawax, Méert, Mes tenues perso, Mobilis, Nortia, Preventeo, Urba Select.



UI developer

DateApril 2015 - December 2016

LocationLille, France

These are some of the organisations I worked with : Accor Hotels, Auchan, Canalsat, Ibis, Nocibé, Novotel, Orange, SFR, TF1, Twitter, Vertbaudet.


Pictime Groupe

UI developer

DateMarch 2015 - April 2015

LocationVilleneuve d'Ascq, France


Ineat Conseil

UI developer

DateJanuary 2011 - March 2015

LocationLille, France

These are some of the organisations I worked with : Anios, Chausport, Decathlon, Eurotunnel, Happychic, Leroy Merlin, Nord France Innovation Développement, Publicis ETO.


Plaine Images

Community Manager / Web developer

DateOctober 2009 - December 2010

LocationRoubaix, France



Bachelor's degree : Concepteur Intégrateur Web

DateOctober 2009 - September 2010

LocationLille, France


Université de Lille

2-year university degree : SID

DateSeptember 2007 - September 2009

LocationRoubaix, France